Sports Facilities

Fully Equipped Gym

The Coral Beach Hotel & Resort offers a fully equipped gym, directly next to the Spa area and perfect for those who wish to keep up their fitness schedule during their holiday.

Floodlit Tennis Courts

The Coral Beach Hotel & Resort is a popular choice for groups of Tennis enthusiasts wishing to combine a relaxing holiday with their joys for tennis. The Tennis courts offer the opportunity to all ages to exercise their skills and discover their talents in a professional and organised environment, set in the pleasant surrounds of the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort. Private coaching and group sessions are available for all levels, with opportunities for competition and tournament experience. Operating four floodlit tennis courts; two hard and two soft courts, suitable for all levels and abilities.

Beach Volleyball

At Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, we have our own volleyball sand court. Enjoy a competitive or casual game of volleyball by the beach and create fun memories with your friends and family for a lifetime. 

Olympic Swimming Pool

The Coral Olympic swimming pool is situated within the grounds of the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort and was constructed as per the instructions of the Head Coach of the British Swimming Association. The Coral Olympic swimming pool served as the training venue for the British Olympic Swimming team before the games in Athens. The pool has also been used by other National teams like the Dutch and Paralympic, Swiss, Norwegian & Paralympic, Finnish, Flemish and many other national swimming teams as well as many clubs from all over Europe for their swimming training camps. The Olympic swimming pool is not open to individual swimmers but only to teams holding their training camps and are escorted by professional coaches.

For all inquiries and bookings, please contact the Arena Sports via their e-mail:

Bicycle Hire

For those wishing to explore the nearby areas, they may hire a bicycle from the hotel.