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at Esthisis Health & Beauty Spa

Esthisis, the Health and Beauty Spa of the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort. Esthisis is the Greek word for senses, meaning that at Esthisis all therapies and treatments aim to enhance your senses and feeling of wellbeing. Allow our experts to nurture your needs and enliven your soul with emphasis on individual attention. Esthisis is proudly associated with Babor and Guinot, two well established and quality products, when combined with the expertise of the spa team, ensure an experience of total relaxation and rejuvenation.

Facial Treatments by Babor

Lifting – Firm & Youthful 60 min - €150
Vital, youthfully smooth and firmer looking skin. For skin with a lack of elasticity and visible wrinkles. Tissue stimulation achieves firmer skin with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Cleansing | intense peeling | active serum | lifting massage | intense eye care | special mask | individual finishing treatment.

Hydrating – Plumped & Revived 55 min - €95
Plump and saturate the skin with intense hydration for a vital complexion.
Designed for extremely dehydrated skin with visible dryness lines this immediately ensures intensive moisture - absorption into the skin.
Cleansing | intense peeling | active serum | brief massage | intense eye care | special mask | individual finishing treatment.

Refine – Even & Radiant 55 min - €85
No more tired skin but an even complexion exuding radiance. Created for environmentally aging-related skin issues such as pigment spots, uneven color lackluster skin, irregular skin texture; this will strengthen the skin‘s own protective mechanisms with oxidative power.
Cleansing | intense peeling | active serum | brief massage | intense eye care | special mask | individual finishing treatment.

Cleanformance – Healthy Glow 55 min - €75
Vegan and clean for a healthy, vital glow. Especially for dehydrated, demanding skin, this facial will provide intensive moisture to the skin and will even out any irregularities for a beautiful complexion.
This treatment is also Gluten and Lactose free.
Cleansing | intense peeling | active serum | massage or special mask | intense eye care | individual finishing treatment.

Calming – Calm & Soothe 55 min - €85
An SOS solution for extremely sensitive, irritated skin. These treatments will reduce redness, irritation and strengthen the skin‘s own defense mechanisms against stressors. Perfect Treatment after sun.
Cleansing | intense peeling | active serum | massage and special mask | intense eye care | individual finishing treatment.

Facial Treatments by Babor

Facial Treatments by Guinot

Hydradermie Facial – 55 min - €95
"Cellular Energy"
A mild electrotherapy current allows active beautifying ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin for more immediate and lasting results. The skin is perfectly cleaned, moistrurized, oxygenated and radiant.
Eight (8) personalized programs are available moisturizing, nourishing, purifying, anti-aging, soothing, anti-pigmentation, repair after sun exposure.

Hydradermie Lift - 55 min - €120
The “Instant Lifting” treatment
This treatment, lifts and tones the skin deep down by exercising the muscles. It lifts and reshapes the features making the skin visibly younger. You could call it a none surgical face lift.

Hydradermie Eye Logic – 40 min - €60
Eye Treatment
A specific treatment for the eyes, that tones the skin, “lifts” the eye contour, stimulates tissue drainage and activates sub-cutaneous microcirculation to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Lift Summum Treatment – 60 min - €120
A special treatment that tightens, firms the outline of the face, smoothes and stimulates the skin on the neck and décolleté. Dual exfoliation, powerful massage with powerful serum for regeneration of elastic fibers, wrinkle abrasion with the special wrinkle eraser. The treatment is completed by the application of the neck/décolleté face mask that tightens and instantly corrects the facial feature.

Detoxygene – 55 min - €85
Oxygenating and detoxifying treatment
Removes toxins and pollution from the skin with a specific enzymatic peel, followed by a clay mask that acts as a pollution magnet. The specific massage techniques leaves the skin refreshed, radiant and luminous.

Age Summum – 60 min - €120
Targets signs of ageing
The Age Summum Treatment is the alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing. A genuine concentration of 56 Biological active ingredients from Cellular Life Complex, hyaluronic acid and Pure vitamin C: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and provides antioxidant action for exceptional radiance and cell regeneration.

Hydra Peeling – 55 min - €85
The skin renewal treatment
The ideal treatment for dull, tired skin and asphyxiated skin. A rejuvenating peeling that improves the texture of the skin, reduces pigmentation spots and brings a youthful radiance of the skin.

Equilibre Purete Treatment – 75 min - €95
A cleansing enzymatic peeling warms the skin and opens the pores. Then a purifying clay mask absorbs impurities and excess sebum from the skin. Balance is restored and the skin is purified.

Facial Treatments by Guinot

Body Exfoliating & Peeling Treatments

BABOR SPA Earth Softening Peeling - 30 min €49
A smooth cream peeling treatment with natural poppy seeds and stimulating body brushing. For the perfect finish, warm natural oil is massaged onto the body, leaving it feeling beautifully soft.

BABOR SPA Ocean Peelings Oil to Foam Peeling - 30 min €59
An energizing, pampering body treatment with hydrophylic oils and delicately scented foams. For the perfect finish, the skin is nourished with energizing refreshing body cream.

Marine Salt Scrub - 30 min €55
An intensive peeling with mineral-rich sae salt and natural oils. For the perfect finish, the skin is nourished with energizing refreshing body cream.

Body Exfoliating & Peeling Treatments

Body Wraps by Babor

Babor Spa Earth

Smoothing Cream Wrap - 40 min €65
An intensely nourishing body wrap with firming Glaucine extract from poppy seeds and plant stem cells extracts.
Hydrates and tones the skin.

Firming Shaping Cream Wrap - 40 min €65
A warm localized treatment wrap that increases circulation and metabolic activity on problem zones, with Caffeine and Glaucine extracts that stimulate lipolysis and counteract formation of new fat cells.
Firms and contours the skin.

In Shape Wrap - 60 min €98
Power treatment with activating body wraps soaked in a concentrate that smooth the body’s silhouette, targeting problem zones and cellulite areas. Treatment begins with a specialised enzyme peeling.
Helps improve the appearance of cellulite.

Babor Spa Ocean

Energizing Algae Cream Wrap - 40 min €78
A moisturizing and refreshing body wrap with natural blue and green algae that combine with active extracts of red algae to give the skin an intense energy boost.
Energizes and Moisturizes.

Detoxifying Algae Pure Wrap - 40 min €65
Blue and Green Algae combine to detoxify your body and flush out impurities of your skin.
Stimulates Circulation and Detoxifies.

Body Wraps by Babor

Body Wraps & Treatments By Guinot

Mirific Softness & Relaxation Treatment - 55 min - €69
This treatment combines the Mirific exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and the Mirific relaxing massage techniques with a unique blend of Precious Oils (Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan with antiaging and nourishing properties. This combination makes it the ultimate relaxing and renewing body treatment!

Slim Logic - 55 min - €89
Anti-cellulite slimming treatment with caffeine
The specific treatment program combines ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATION with Ginger stimulate the microcirculation and boost drainage to reduce fat and excess of fluids. FAT-REDUCING MASSAGE with Caffeine helps burn, mobilise fat and break down fat deposits.

Fluid-Reducing Body Wrap - 55 min - €89
The anti-fluid retention body wrap with 'sauna' effect' drains due to an occlusive effect, eliminates excess fluid in the tissues due to Alginates and burns fat due to Caffeine.

Techni-slimming/Techni-firming - 55 min - €89
Achieve visible slimming and firming results from the very first treatment with the new Techni-Slimming and Techni-Firming treatments from Guinot. Using an in-depth massage combined with carefully formulated serums and a unique body wrap technique, these specially designed manual treatments visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore skin's firmness and silhouette.

Body Wraps & Treatments By Guinot

Face & Body Rituals

The Earth Experience - 120 min €168
Allow yourself to be grounded- full body pampering time with natural poppy seeds, poppy seed oil and firming Glaucine from yellow poppies. This indulgent journey begins with a stimulating body polish fortified with poppy seeds, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients. An invigorating skin brushing follows to promote circulation, encourage lymphatic flow, and prepare the skin for the application of a decadent firming cream wrap from shoulder to toe. While you relax your facial skin is treated to a Healthy, Vital Glow with Doctor Babor Cleanformance, for a beautiful complexion.

The Ocean Experience - 120 min €168
Experience ocean freshness- full body pampering time with energizing extracts from red algae.- In spired by the natural currents of the ocean, this aromatic, energizing and grounding body treatment mstimulates the body for the ultimate sensation of total body wellness. A unique oil to foam natural enzyme exfoliation is applied from shoulder to toe to instantly smooth and perfect the skin. An invigorating brushing encourages circulation, lymphatic flow and prepares the skin to drink in the benefits of the cocooning cream wrap to follow. While you relax your facial skin is treated to a Healthy, Vital Glow with Doctor Babor Cleanformance, for a beautiful complexion.

Grounding Earth Hot Stone Massage - 75 min €135
Strengthen your inner self with this warming and balancing stone ritual. Warm stones combined with nourishing plant oils soothe and relax the muscles and tension, leaving the body feeling soft and smooth.

Babor Hydrotherapy baths

Indulging Aromatic Oil Bath - 20 min €39
Relaxing therapeutic bath with natural plants oils

Vitalizing Marine Oil Bath - 20 min €39
Vitalizing salt water bath with natural sea salt and plant oils

Mineral Ocean Bath - 20 min €39
Moisturizing therapeutic bath with natural sea salt and blue-green algae.

Coveted by ‘A’-listers and used by US celebrity facialists
Shani Darden and Georgia Louise. Déesse Pro LED provides a safe, pain-free way to achieve
naturally vibrant and clearer skin. The device uses low-level
light therapy (LLLT) by way of medical-grade, surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’s) to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light, de-livered at safe, therapeutic doses.
30min €40
Addition to any treatment 10 min €20

Face & Body Rituals

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape - 30 min - €15
Eyebrow Tint 30 min - €15
Eyelash Tint 30 min - €15
Eyelash Lift - €55
Eyelash Extensions 2hrs - €80
Eyelash Re-application - From €50

Eye Treatments


Reflexology Treatment - 40 min - €70
Reflexology Treatment - 60min - €95
Full Body Massage - 45 min - €75
Full Body Massage - 60min - €95
Thai Massage Traditional - 60min - €120
Mother To Be Massage - 60min - €108
Full Body Aromatherapy - 45 min - €79
Back & Neck Relaxing Massage - 20 min - €42
Aromatherapy Head Massage - 25 min - €45
Face Massage - 25 min - €50
Lymph Drainage Massage - 45 min - €79
Anti-Cellulite Massage - 40 min - €70
Thai Massage Aroma - 45 min - €95
Deep Tissue Massage - 45 min - €95
Deep Tissue Massage - 60 min - €105
Deep Tissue (Back & Neck) Massage - 30 min - €55
Leg Massage - 30 min - €55

Moonlight Treatment €199 per couple
Special massage for two in the Roman tent. The treatment ends with a bottle of sparkling wine a platter of seasonal fruits. Summer only. Please ask at the SPA reception for details.


Hands & Feet

Hands & Feet
Pedicure - 45 min - €55
Manicure - 45 min - €45
Revarnish - 30 min - €20
Paraffin Treatment (additional) - 30 min - €25
Soak off Gel Manicure - 60 min - €45
Soak off Gel Pedicure - 60 min - €55
Gel Nail application - 60 min - €60
Gel Nails (Tips) - 90 min - €77
Soak off Gel Revarish - 30 min - €30
Take off Gel - 15 min - €10

Full Leg Wax (Excluding Bikini) - 45 min - €40
Half Leg Wax- 30 min - €25
Full Arm Wax - 30 min - €20
Bikini Wax - 30 min - €20
Full Bikini Wax - 45 min - €35
Chest Wax - 45 min - From €30
Lip Wax - 15 min - €10
Under Arm Wax - 15 min - €15
Back Wax - 30 min - From €30

Hands & Feet

Spa Packages

One Day Packages

Relax Program 2hr €165
1 Dr. BABOR Cleanformance Facial 30 min
1 Indulging Aromatic Oil Bath
1 Aromatherapy Head Massage
1 Relaxing Back & Neck Massage

Detox Program 2hr €165
1 Marine Salt Scrub
1 Algae Pure Wrap
1 Back & Neck Massage
1 Mineral Ocean Bath

Stress Recovery Program 2hr €165
1 Marine Salt Scrub
1 Vitalizing Marine Oil Bath
1 Energizing Algae Ocean Wrap
1 Relaxing Back & Neck Massage

Poseidon 2hr €165
Special Package for Men
1 Freestyle deep Tissue Massage
1 Aromatherapy Head Massage
1 Men’s Facial
1 Bath Mineral Ocean Bath

Mother to be 2hr €165
1 Pregnancy Massage
1 Sculp Massage
1 Cleanformance Healthy Glow Facial 60 min

One Week Packages

Stress Recovery Program €399
1 Marine Salt Scrub
2 Vitalizing Marine Oil Bath
1 Indulging Aromatic Oil Bath
1 BABOR’s Signature Effective Touch Massage
1 Cleanformance Healthy Glow Facial 60 min
2 Relaxing Back & Neck Massage

Slimming Program €499
1 Marine Salt Scrub
1 Indulging Aromatic Oil Bath
1 Firming Shaping Cream Wrap
2 In Shape Wrap
2 Anti-Cellulite Massage
1 Lymph Drainage Massage
1 Mineral Ocean Bath

Anti-Ageing Program €559
2 Earth Softening Peeling
2 Indulging Aromatic Bath
2 Smoothing Cream Wrap
1 Hydrating Plumped & Refined Facial
1 Lifting Firm & Youthful Facial
2 Lymph Drainage Massage

Spa Packages

Wedding Day Essentials

Choose one of the following Mini SPA Packages:
1. Back and Neck Aroma Massage, Exclusive Luxury Eye Treatment, Aroma Head Massage.
2. Full Body Polish, Back and Neck Revival Massage, Refreshing Mini Facial.
3. Hydrotherapy bath with Essential Oils, Back and Neck Relaxing Massage, Pressure Points Face Massage.

You will end your Mini SPA Package with Sparkling Wine & Fruits to enjoy in our Relaxing SPA Area with Aromatic
Candles and flowers.
1 hr 15 min each €85

Bride Hair and trial €120
Bride without trial €83
Brides maid €55

Wedding Make Up (without trial) 60 min €80
Wedding Make Up (with trial) 60 min €120
Make Up 45 min €55

The Esthisis team has put together a his and her package to prepare for your big day or just relax and pamber your self after your wedding celebrations.

BRIDE 2 hrs €135
Full Body Polish
Full Body Massage
Relaxing Aroma Facial

Professional Make Up & Trial
Bridal Hair & Trial
Hands or Toes revarnish of your choice

GROOM 2 hours €135
Full Body Massage
Aroma Scalp Massage
Men’s Facial

Professional Make Up
Wash & Blow Dry
Hands or Toes revarnish of your choice

Wedding Day Essentials


Ladies Cut - €26
Gents Cut - €20
Children (under 12 years) - €15
Wash & B/Dry short - €26
Wash & B/Dry medium - €26
Wash & B/Dry long - €30
Colour Roots - €45
Colour - €60
Foil / Highlights - From €77
Up Sweep - €55
Hair Treatment - €25
Deep Hair Treatment K18 - €50
Hair Botox - €45
Restyle - €38
Rollers Set - €40



at Esthisis Spa

Spoil yourself with a collection of signature treatments and services designed to reveal the best you. Your rebirth begins with an appointment. We recommend you arrange your visit in advance of your stay to ensure you are accommodated on your preferred day and time. Book your appointment online or call us at (+357) 26881030.

Spa Policies

Esthisis SPA is pleased to pamper your entire family. Guest’s ages 4-12 are welcome to enjoy nail care and salon services, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Guests ages 13-17 may enjoy massage and facial services with a parent or guardian present in the room during the service. Teen guests are required to wear a bathing suit during treatments. 

In the interest of good health and well-being, the entire SPA (indoors and out) is a smoke-free environment.

To ensure your complete relaxation, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. Feel free to enjoy the whirlpool, steam room or Sauna while you wait. Late arrivals will be accepted; however, your treatment time will be shortened and no price adjustments will be made.

Please bring along a swimsuit and the towels. We recommend not bringing your mobile phone, but if you do, please keep it on silent mode. 

Spa and Pool Area working hours 09:00-20:00
Gym working hours  08:00-20:00(08:00-09:00 unsupervised)

Please provide at least six hours’ notice if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Cancellations made within the six-hour window will incur a 50% charge for the scheduled service.

Rescheduled appointments within the six-hour window will incur a Euros 25 fee. All no-shows will be billed 100% of the scheduled service price.

If a hotel guest wishes to use the spa amenities without an appointment (whirlpool, steam room, sauna, etc.), a Euro 6 spa facility fee will be charged (this charge will not apply for the All Inclusive guests). Use of the outdoor pools for non-hotel guests with spa appointments is prohibited.

The ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, mother’s day or just to say thank you. Gift Vouchers can be purchased via the Spa reception and can be used towards treatments or products. Gif vouchers are nonrefundable and must be presented at the time of treatment.


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